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Palette 2 Helps Makers Turn Any 3D Print Full Color

Tech Crunch recently featured an overview of Mosaic Manufacturing’s Palette 2 system.  The Palette 2, which is an upgrade on the original Palette, “is a self-contained system for full color 3D printing.”

Essentially, the Palette 2 turns any 3D print full color!  How does it work, you may be asking yourself.  Well, the Palette 2 is able to cut and splice “multiple filament colors and then feed them through as the object is printed.  The system uses a unique and internal cutter called the Splice Core, which measures and cuts filament as it is printed through a 3D printer, ensuring the incoming filament can change colors quickly and easily.”

The Palette 2 enables the 3D printer to print in four colors using any amount of color.  “It extrudes excess color into a little object called a tower, allowing it to print as much or as little of a color as necessary.  It also has automatic runout detection which lets makers print larger objects over a longer period of time.”

The Palette 2 even works with a number of current 3D printers – no updates necessary, even for the Palette Pro 2.  “A new piece of software called Canvas allows users to plan their color prints and send the instructions to both the Palette 2 and the printer for printing.”  The Palette 2 will cost $449, while the Pro will cost $699.  The main difference between these two tiered systems is mainly the rapidity of the Palette Pro 2.

As Mosaic Manufacturing pontificates: the Palette 2 utilizes “a very clever hack – instead of making the printer do all the work, makers instead will be forcing the filament to do the work.”  Already, the Mosaic Manufacturing team has been able to print various items using the Palette 2 such as “3D printed phone case models, rubbery watch bands using stretchable materials, and even educational objects.”

Perhaps the most impressive display of the Palette 2 system’s potential came when the Mosaic Manufacturing team “printed a scan of a brain with evidence of a tumor visible in yellow.”  For makers on a budget, they can’t go wrong with 3D printing in color with the Palette 2 system.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Tech Crunch

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