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The People’s Army: A 3D Printed Board Game

3DPrint reports on a brand new board game produced by game design studio Bearded Giant Games.  One of their designers, Ciprian Bacioiu, who has worked for such prestigious companies as Gameloft and Disney, has designed a game incorporating the heavy utilization of 3D printing technology.

Bacioiu explains his new game, ‘The People’s Army’: “it’s a physical board game for the digital era!  It’s designed to be played in quick sessions (like most of the games under the Bearded Giant Games catalog) by two players (with the possibility of adding more seats to the game). And, just like my other games, it’s hackable, modable and procedural in nature. Everything from the board pieces to the release of the STL files has been designed with modding and hacking in mind.”

The game features three player types: the People, the Army, and the Dictators/Autocrats.  It also features three building types: Cities, Barracks, and the House of Parliament.  As a result of these systems, “the game is modular and designed to allow for expansion and customization.  It comes with 20 map templates, and users can create their own if they want.  The game pieces were prototyped at low resolution on a Wanhao i3 Mini for playtesting, and the final version will be 3D printed as well – for customers who choose to purchase it pre-made and assembled.  That’s one of the options, and the other is to buy the STL files and print them yourself.”

The price for The People’s Army has yet to be released, but Bacioiu assures players who “purchase the physical version of the game will also get access to the STL files, so they can print more pieces and customize their own if they choose to.”

Bacioiu concludes: “There’s a reason I went indie: I wanted the freedom to experiment with several concepts…I’m happy to say 3D printing will be a core-part of my business and design model from now on, be it in the form of physical board games, AR experiments with printed tokens or collectibles for the main games.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint

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