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Personalized 3D Printed Prosthetic Breasts

3D Printing Industry reports on myReflection, a medical start-up based in New Zealand. Apparently, myReflection has “developed personalized breast prostheses for cancer patients post-mastectomy, using 3D scanning and 3D printed molds.”

These prostheses “are made from a 3D torso scan and are designed with an inner core and an ISO-certified outer silicone. As myReflection’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research and Development Jason Barnett explains: “traditional prostheses don’t tend to last long, so there’s a real concern when you start to see your generic prosthesis slowly deteriorate, knowing you might have to buy the next one out of your own pocket. The material we use for our prostheses is very stable, elastic, and tear-resistant so it can last for four years, but it depends on the user. Ultimately, each prosthesis is made to be usable and loseable, and it’s about giving these women a sense of confidence.”

The Director of myReflection, Tim Carr, “began exploring 3D printing for the creation of a breast prosthesis in 2015 after his partner Fay Cobbett was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

After a not-so-successful stint with traditionally-manufactured prostheses, the couple discovered 3D printed molds were “a successful method for creating alternative prostheses. They established myReflection in February 2019 to treat women post-mastectomy.”

For now, “the company is offering 3D scanning consultations in Auckland only, and a 3D printed prosthetic is priced at US $408. They aim to produce 320 units sold in one month (approx. $196,000).”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of myReflection and 3D Printing Industry

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