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Polaroid Launches Four Desktop 3D Printers

TCT Magazine was on hand at CES 2018 in Las Vegas when Polaroid announced the launch of four new desktop 3D printers.  Polaroid showcased “the Nano Duo, Nano Mini, Nano Glide, and Nano+…Polaroid is aiming to make the latest 3D printing technology accessible for consumers looking to implement [this kind of] machine in their home, classroom, or office.”

It was only two years ago when Polaroid first dipped their toe into the 3D printing arena with the launch of the ModelSmart250S 3D printer.  Apparently, Polaroid wishes to dive even further in.  As for their new 3D printing suite, the Polaroid Nano Duo “features dual-head printing, allowing the user to print two colors simultaneously, and with a built-in camera, which enables live monitoring of the build.  It supports a wide range of filament types, including ABS, wood, TPU, metal, and PLA, and has a build volume of 11.8 x 8.8 x 12.6 inches.”  The Duo will launch in April 2018 for $1849.  “Polaroid’s Nano Mini platform is described as a ‘plug and play’ option, with no prior 3D printing experience required to run the machine…It will be available for $349 in April 2018.”

“The Polaroid Nano Glide is a slightly larger platform with a sliding print bed measuring 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches” while the “Polaroid Nano+ is said to deliver fast, accurate, stable prints.”  The Nano Glide will be available in April 2018 for $479, while the Nano+ will launch in March 2018 for $549.

President and CEO of Polaroid, Scott W. Hardy, is very excited for these launches: “we’re proud to offer the latest in 3D printing technology to give users a new way to express themselves at a price point which puts the technology within reach for use in any home, school, or business.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine

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