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Porsche Classic Utilizes 3D Printing

CNET reports on a new announcement just recently made by Porsche, concerning their classic car division.  Porsche Classic is now using 3D printing in order to produce hard to find parts.

Porsche Classic’s parts supplies issues are now a thing of the past: “whether it’s plastic or steel, Porsche’s additive manufacturing is capable of reproducing a part to its correct specification, which is generally far less expensive than rebooting old production lines or ordering far more parts than owners will ever need.”

Porsche Classic is using 3D printing in order to reproduce both metal and plastic parts.  To create metal parts, Porsche Classic is using selective laser melting 3D printing, while they are using selective laser sintering 3D printing for plastic parts.

At this time, “Porsche Classic only 3D print nine different parts – like 959’s clutch release lever, for example, which is no longer being manufactured.  But [the division] is looking at another 20 parts to see if 3D printing is a feasible solution to mitigating supply issues.  Thankfully, if a part gets the green light, all Porsche needs to get started is a 3D scan or design data for the part, and the printers can get to work.”

This is yet another example of how 3D printing can become so pivotal for companies (and their customers) searching for hard to find and hard to replace parts.  The technology’s flexibility is unmatched.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Porsche and CNET

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