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“Print the Legend”: A Documentary About 3D Printing


Print the Legend, a documentary about the 3D printing industry, particularly its startups, was launched at SXSW this year.  Gizmag spoke “to directors Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel, and one of the producers, Steven Klein.”

The filmmakers explained that their producers “Chad Troutwine, Walter Kortschak, Dan O’Meara, and Rafi Chaudry approached [the] team about making a film about Apple and Steve Jobs.  We proposed that we try and find the next Steve Jobs as a way of examining the archetype created around this mythic entrepreneur.”

As Gizmag points out, their creative process was occurring right around the time when “Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, appeared on the cover of Wired.

The film premiered on Sunday, March 9th at SXSW and “Lopez, Tweel, and Klein stated for the record that they aren’t experts in 3D printing, though they can now craft educated opinions about the technology.  ‘Everyone on our team has become a believer in the potential of 3D printing.  In addition to plastic printing – which will allow exciting things in itself – the ability for bio-printing and metal printing seems likely to have a big impact on our lives in the not-too distant future.”

“In our amateur opinion,” they went on to say, “we think that there are three basic reasons for the 3D printing boom.  First, it’s simply the case that these machines used to be too big and too expensive for everyday folk, and the industrial manufacturers just didn’t see that normal folk would have interest in the tech if they made is smaller/cheaper.  So, the barrier to entry is lowering.  Second, now that consumer versions and wide scale competition are forcing innovation, we’re going to have home access to higher and higher quality printers.  And, third, people got much better at telling the story of 3D printing and its inspiring potential, and there is probably no single group more responsible for that than Bre Pettis and his MakerBot team.”

Update:  As reported by CNET, online video streaming provider Netflix has acquired the rights to ‘Print the Legend’.  “The movie will be available to all Netflix subscribers and will premier exclusively on the streaming service in 2014.”

Video Courtesy of SXSW

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Gizmag and CNET 

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