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Prusa Announces the Mini

Electronics Weekly caught wind of a brand new desktop 3D printer released by Prusa, the Prusa Mini. Prusa, which is based in Prague, announced the Mini’s build volume will be 180x180x180mm.

Prusa “is marketing the Mini as a production machine as well as a printer for prototyping and makers.” Indeed, according to Prusa’s announcement, “the Mini was designed to be a 3D printing workhorse and it offers the same level of reliability and quality as the rest of the Original Prusa family. While a large [i3] print platform has its advantages, you can produce a higher number of parts when you utilize parallel printing. Run the print job on two-plus [Mini] 3D printers to maximize your production.”

In order to support this, Prusa “predicts printing 35x of a nominal part every 24 hours on an i3, which costs 900 euros, or 40x parts every 24 hours on a pair of Minis.” The official launch of the Prusa Mini will occur later this month.

As for layer height, the Prusa Mini is 0.05-0.35mm high, while its max temperatures are 280 degrees Celsius/100 degrees Celsius. The Prusa Mini’s extruder is a “Bowden system with 3:1 gearing ratio, while its print surface is a magnetic heat-bed with removable PEI spring steel sheets.” The Prusa Mini’s filament diameter is 1.75mm and the 3D printer as a whole supports PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, and Flex materials.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Prusa and Electronics Weekly

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