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Profile: Red Rocks

During a recent AmCon in Salt Lake City, Utah, we met with Katy Ermak, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Red Rocks Product Development.  We discussed reselling, 3D Systems, Geomagic, and the future of the 3D printing industry.


Ms. Ermak explained, “Red Rocks Product Development [based out of Denver, Colorado] is a reseller for a few different vendors.”  These vendors include LMI Technologies, which produce white light scanners, Creaform, inventors of Go!SCAN, SpaceClaim Engineer, who create Direct 3D Modeling software, and the 3D printing behemoth 3D Systems.  Reselling entails a commitment to providing “exceptional customer service and expertise in order to build lasting customer relationships.  [Red Rocks Product Development] strives to educate customers in making purchasing decisions that best fit their needs.”

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As Marketing and Business Development Manager, Ms. Ermak does “the company marketing, introduces potential customers to who Red Rocks Product Development is and what they do and provides continued support and excellent customer service to all potential and current customers.”

Ms. Ermak then went on to discuss in detail certain products that Red Rocks resells.  Products such as Creaform’s Go!SCAN, which is “an innovative LED technology that provides a large scanning area and a very fast measurement rate.  Other fascinating tools include Geomagic Wrap, which is used in conjunction with scanning.  “3D Systems acquired Geomagic and Rapidform not too long ago, making 3D Systems’ CAD software top of the line.  Geomagic Wrap is a software that enables users to transform point cloud data (which 3D scans produce), probe data, and imported 3D formats into 3D polygon meshes for use in 3D printing, manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, archeology, and analysis.”   


When asked about any new products coming down the pipeline, Ms. Ermak couldn’t comment on specific innovations from companies such as 3D Systems.  “As a reseller, we learn about new and upcoming things only a day or so before the public does.  Companies like 3D Systems are very good at keeping things under wraps!  I will say though, that a good time to hear about any news is at EuroMold, a world fair for mold making and tooling, design and application development held in Germany.  This year EuroMold will be from December 3-6th.”     

Interview Quotations Courtesy of Katy Ermak and Red Rocks Product Development

Pictures and Photos Courtesy of Red Rocks Product Development, LMI Technologies, Creaform, SpaceClaim Engineer, and 3D Systems


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