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Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ Recreated with 3D Printing and Photography

3D Printing Media Network reports on a fascinating art project embarked upon using the wonders of 3D printing.

Photographer Julius Rooymans and designer Hans Ubbink have gotten together to create “Nachtwacht 360,” which is a rather modern reinterpretation and recreation of Rembrandt’s famous ‘Night Watch’ painting, which was itself completed all the way back in 1642.  This painting is located in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Nachtwacht 360 heralds “an entirely new way to experience the famed 17th century artwork.”  The new installation “consists of a photographic replica of the original Night Watch. Behind the scenes, Rooymans and Ubbink have put a ton of work into the project, finding 25 lookalikes for each of the members of the Night Watch (as well as Rembrandt), styling them to match the attributes and details of the painting and then photographing them to recreate the pose of the original painting. (The exhibit also consists of a number of portraits, fashion items and props made for the shoot.)”

In order to recreate each historic outfit depicted in the painting, “Ubbink collaborated with many groups, including Dutch 3D printing company Oceanz, which helped produce some realistic 3D printed props, including helmets and weapons.”  As part of their process, “Ubbink and Rooymans sourced many 17th century items for the elaborate photography project from collectors in the Netherlands, though many key pieces in the painting were designed by Rembrandt, meaning that the pair had to find alternative solutions.  Ubbink and Rooymans did not limit themselves in their techniques, as they worked with experts at the Rijksmuseum and the National Military Museum to identify and reproduce physical props and garments using both traditional and new techniques.”

One of these new techniques was, of course, 3D printing.  “In the case of some of the more unique parts, the pair enlisted the help of Robin Bandari, who 3D modeled a number of helmets as well as a collar and partisan (a spearhead mounted on a long shaft). These 3D models were then printed by Oceanz.”

As Oceanz Sales Engineer Frank Elbersen concludes: “As a professional and Dutch 3D print company, we are proud that Oceanz was involved in the Nachtwacht 360 project. How beautiful it is to be able to bring this Dutch masterpiece from the 17th century to life with the innovative and modern technology of today?  3D printing makes it possible to produce objects in the highest detail.  For example, the helmets, collars and a partisan, which were seen 350 years ago by Rembrandt’s eyes, are exactly counterfeited to be able to show the general public now.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Media Network

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