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Roboze Launches Xtreme 3D Printers

Engineering recently published a wide-ranging interview with the CEO of Roboze, Alessio Lorusso.  It is a fascinating discourse – mainly focusing upon the release of a new line of 3D printers.

Lorusso founded Roboze back in 2013 – and launched the company’s first product – the Roboze One – in 2015.  Subsequently, the Roboze One+400 was released.  With the Roboze One+400, “the company initiated a breed of 3D printers capable of printing with such sought after materials as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and ULTEM, but at a much lower price than the name-brand 3D printers more familiar to the 3D printing industry.”

Now, Roboze has launched “a new series of mid-range, office-friendly 3D printers with similar material capabilities, thus bringing engineering-grade plastics to small and mid-sized businesses.”  These printers, like their forebears, utilize FDM 3D printing.  They include the Roboze One Xtreme and Roboze One+400 Xtreme 3D printers.

The main difference between these printers is the temperatures they can reach – the One Xtreme only reaches 300 degrees Celsius, “whereas the One+400 Xtreme can reach 500 degrees Celsius, opening up a greater range of engineering-grade materials.”

Up till now, “Roboze has found itself working with a variety of businesses, including some of the largest in manufacturing.  These include familiar names such as GE and Airbus, as well as defense companies like Rafael and Formula 1 teams.  However, these firms have access to far more resources than smaller businesses.  The introduction of the Xtreme series…is meant to open industrial FDM technology to small and medium-sized companies.”

As Lorusso says: “the goal of these new products is to provide access to high performance materials and industrial machines to the medium-sized business segment.  These are customers who are not the large manufacturers of the world, like GE and Airbus, but who are small and medium-sized companies who can access these machines and materials at a good price point.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Roboze and Engineering

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