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RPS Joins DSM’s ‘Trimax Collective’

TCT Magazine reports RPS is making its NEO800 stereolithography 3D printing system available through DSM’s new leasing program.  DSM has just recently launched its ‘Trimax Collective’, which aims to assist companies with their adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.

Essentially, “companies can invest in 3D printing hardware and materials through a leasing arrangement, designed to overcome financial constraints. Training is also being offered to combat lack of knowledge around the technology.”

Specifically, “for a monthly fee, manufacturers can lease the NEO800 platform and have access to a range of DSM resins.”  RPS’s NEO800 stereolithography 3D printing system “promises to deliver accurate and detailed parts, while its 800 x 800 x 600 mm build volume facilitates the printing of large structures without sectioning or bonding, or large quantities of smaller components.”  With the announcement of this partnership, users will be able to “pair the printer with an extensive portfolio of materials.”

As Director of RPS David Storey expands: “moving away from traditional subtractive manufacturing towards additive can be a daunting experience for some manufacturers. The Trimax Collective is a perfect solution, as it is tailored to customers who want to explore 3D printing further, but who need the guidance, support, and flexibility to start the journey.  The foundation on what RPS is built on is the outstanding support we offer our customers and the Trimax Collective is reflective of this ethos, so we are delighted to be part of this partnership with DSM.”

DSM’s Vice President of Additive Manufacturing Hugo da Silva concludes: “the Trimax Collective allows us to tackle the two biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of 3D printing that exist today: high investment requirements and a lack of experience with additive manufacturing.  The Trimax Collective is DSM’s way of channeling the power of our additive manufacturing ecosystem to the benefit of our customers. Thanks to this program, 3D printing will become more accessible than ever before.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine

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