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Saudi Arabian Company Purchases Largest 3D Construction Printer

Building Design & Construction reports on Saudi Arabian construction company Elite for Construction & Development, Co., which has just “recently purchased the world’s largest 3D construction printer, the BOD2, from Copenhagen-based COBOD.”

Elite for Construction & Development, Co. purchased this 3D printer “in response to Saudi Arabia’s need to build 1.5 million houses in the next ten years.”  COBOD’s BOD2 3D construction printer “has the capability of printing buildings 12 meters wide, 27 meters long, and 9 meters high.  It can produce three-story buildings of more than 300 square meters per floor in one go.”  Obviously, this will aid Elite for Construction & Development, Co.’s efforts tremendously.

As Elite for Construction & Development, Co.’s General Manager Saad Al Shathri elaborates: “we will make this revolutionizing technology available in all of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  We will be able to carry out projects with our own crews and based on 3D printable concrete made locally.  This will bring costs significantly down compared to temporary imported printers using foreign made materials.  With the 3D construction printing technology, we will be able to do projects almost impossible with conventional technology, and we will build faster and cheaper than before.  At the same time we decided to invest in a very large printer, so the scope of projects we can carry out will be as large as possible.”

COBOD will deliver the BOD2 3D construction printer to Elite for Construction & Development, Co. in Saudi Arabia in May 2019.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Building Design & Construction

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