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Shanghai’s 3D Printed Houses

U491P886T1D109096F12DT20140411171853Last month, we reported on an ongoing project in Amsterdam which aims to 3D print a canal house.  We claimed that it would be the first fully 3D printed house.   But apparently, we were mistaken. 

Shanghai has beaten Amsterdam to the punch. 

According to ECNS, these houses were “created entirely out of recycled materials….the small community of 10 houses printed within only one day.”  They premiered in Shanghai’s Qingpu district.

The 3D printer used in the operation measures “32 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 6.6 meters deep….Ma Yihe, CEO of the Shanghai-based decoration design and engineering company that built the houses, said he and his team finished the design of the special printer several years ago.  ‘We purchased parts for the printer overseas, and assembled the machine in a factory in Suzhou.’”

The houses were printed “with special ‘ink’ that has been transformed from industrial construction waste…Ma pointed out that construction waste accounts for more than a third of the urban waste in China’s cities.  The 3D printed houses can reduce dust and waste at construction sites.”

This use of recycled material to print houses also cuts costs for construction companies in half.  According to Ma, “compared to traditional construction materials like concrete and steel, the new material is lighter and more durable.”

“Ma’s next plan is to open 100 recycling factories in China and continue transforming waste into cost-effective ‘ink’ for 3D printers.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of ECNS

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