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Simplify3D Releases Version 4.1 of 3D Printing Software

3DPrint reports on Simplify3D’s latest update of its 3D printing software suite – Version 4.1.  Simplify3D, which “is one of the most popular brands of professional 3D slicing software on the market, first expanded its 3D printing software suite in 2014.  Ever since then, the company has been releasing updated versions of it ever year.”

Now, Simplify3D is releasing an update to this past summer’s Version 4.0.  According to Simplify3D’s CEO Clayton Webster: “Version 4.1 is a tremendous step forward for the software, offering improvements in almost every aspect of the product.  These tools will continue to offer professional users the options they need to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.”

“Simplify3D’s 3D printing software is preferred by engineers, innovators, and professional users around the world, as it supports hundreds of 3D printer brands, is available worldwide through a long list of industry partners, and streamlines the 3D printing process while also offering excellent customization tools for achieving high-quality results.”

Version 4.1 adds support for over 50 new 3D printers, “intelligent tools, customization, and ways for users to have even greater control over their prints.”  The updated software will now also be able “to take full advantage of multi-extruder hardware, and can now provide support for up to six materials printing at the same time.”

Additionally, Version 4.1 also offers enhancements for multi-part sequences, “which give users more options to choose from when 3D printing several parts on one build platform” and this version also improves upon collision avoidance logic, which “can automatically detect potential build collisions during the print and alter the strategy as needed.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Simplify3D and 3DPrint

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