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Six-Axis 3D Printer


This groundbreaking additive manufacturing technique was first reported by Fabbaloo.  Yong Chen, Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California, “has been experimenting with different mechanical arrangements for 3D extrusion printing.  Readers are likely familiar with the standard Cartesian XYZ 3 axis configuration typically found in inexpensive personal 3D printers.  You may also be familiar with the ‘delta’ concept, in which three vertical axes can maneuver an extruder around the print bed.  But Chen has gone further with the introduction of a six axis 3D printer.”  This new technology offers its users the “ability to tilt the extruder.”  This means that the 3D printer can print on both a slanted surface and a curved surface.  Fabbaloo was at a loss for any practical applications you could use this 6-axis 3D printer for, but Gizmodo offered up this suggestion: “…still upset about breaking the handle on your favorite mug?  A 3D printer can make it as good as new and thanks to [the new 6-axis 3D printer] a replacement handle could be printed directly onto [the] mug.”

Photo, Video, and Quotes Courtesy of Fabbaloo

Quote Courtesy of Gizmodo

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