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Soap01: 3D Printing With Soap interviewed Emanuele Mulas, who is the Managing Director for Ireland-based Wittystore. Mulas discussed Wittystore’s new 3D printer, Soap01, which 3D prints objects out of soap.

“Soap01 by Wittystore is an affordable desktop 3D printer, able to recycle old soap or use soap bars as cartridges.” Mulas explains: “the principle at the base of our project is simple: ‘Recycle soap and transform it into something more than a soap, let’s say Art.’”

Unlike messy soap making kits, Soap01 is much simpler. You “feed it bars of soap…and it then prints new bars out in the color and shape you choose.”

Mulas elaborates: “Soap01’s aim is to unify [soap making and 3D printing] into a small machine able to blend, melt, color, extrude, and deposit the soap in order to build a perfumed 3D model for your bath.”

In order to achieve this goal, Wittystore’s first Soap01 prototype “uses open source software, combined with a gantry style hardware setup. The melted soap is extruded out of a nozzle, which can move on the X and Y-axes. The nozzle on the printer controls the soap’s temperature and deposits the soap on the bed, which moves in the Z-axis in order to build objects up one layer at a time. As the material is extruded the printer also has a way of hardening the soap once it hits the bed.”

The Soap01’s second prototype “incorporates a subtractive process combined with an extrusion-based 3D printing process.”

Wittystore will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Soap01 3D printer in the near future. They plan to release the printer in December of 2016. “As for pricing, Mulas plans to make the printer available for [about $2,800], but there will be a very limited quantity (as few as 5) made available.”

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