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Solidoodle 3: Introducing the Largest Build Area in its Class


In early February, Solidoodle, makers of the first fully assembled $500 3D printer, the Solidoodle 2, unveiled the newest addition to the Solidoodle family. 

The Solidoodle 3 is incased in an all-steel frame, which means that a two hundred pound man can stand on top of it while it is printing.  Not only is the Solidoodle 3 durable, but it also contains one of the largest build areas in the desktop category of 3D printers.  With its dimensions of 8” X 8” X 8” (512 cubic inches), it has more than twice the volume of its predecessor, which had only 216 cubic inches. 

According to Solidoodle, the Solidoodle 3 3D printer will allow users to print larger objects with up to .1mm in layer resolution.  Although it is slightly more expensive than the Solidoodle 2, with a price tag of $799, the Solidoodle 3 still falls within Solidoodle’s goals of creating high-quality plug-n-play 3D printers, which fall well below typical 3D printing industry prices. 

Photo Courtesy of Solidoodle

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