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Solidoodle Cuts Prices reports that Solidoodle is cutting their prices!

Solidoodle, created by Brooklyn-based Sam Cervantes, “has been around producing high quality machines for quite a while.  Starting in 2011 they were one of the first [3D printing companies] to offer a sub-$500 3D printer to consumers.”

Beginning July 18th [2014], however, Solidoodle has dropped their prices as follows:

  • Solidoodle 2nd Generation Base – $399 (previously $499)
  • Solidoodle 2nd Generation Pro – $499 (previously $599)
  • Solidoodle 3rd Generation – $599 (previously $699)
  • Solidoodle 4th Generation – $699 (previously $999)”


Cervantes added that: ““We established ourselves as the value-leader in 3D printers with a $499 product in 2012. Providing affordable options is just part of the equation, but it’s a very important factor to broadening the consumer market.  Being able to maintain our $499 price point on our base model to date just goes to show how far ahead of the market we’ve been since we got started. Now, we have several major projects in the works that will be announced very soon. In the meantime, product upgrades on previous generation printers to make them even easier to use and price changes across the board will boost the value proposition on our current offering, with all products shipping within a week.”

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