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Staples Launches Additional 3D Printing Services


Ubergizmo recently wrote about Staples increasing presence in the 3D printing industry. 

The chain store has previously “sold select 3D printers in their stores…[as well as] selling print-by-mail services in Europe.”  However, Staples has recently announced an in-store 3D printing service, which will give US customers a chance “to print out objects on-demand as well as on-site.”

“Walk-in customers will have access to up to seven kinds of printers as well as half a dozen types of materials in store.”  These include 3D Systems printers like the Cube and Cube X, which are already on sale at Staples.  “Those who need to work with larger jobs will see their order outsourced to 3D Systems.”  If customers “do not have the technical know how or background when it comes to a 3D printable file…Staples…has made provisions [and will] train graphic design consultants so that customers can model their vision.”

Staples has yet to announce prices for these services.

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Ubergizmo

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