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Stratasys Acquires MakerBot


According to CNN Money, Stratasys and MakerBot announced a merger recently.  Stratasys, which up until this point has focused on producing professional-grade 3D printers, will run MakerBot as a separate subsidiary.  Bre Pettis, MakerBot’s co-founder and CEO, interviewed in the above video, will remain with the company.  MakerBot sells less expensive, consumer-focused 3D printers.  The Brooklyn-based company has sold more than 22,000 desktop 3D printers since its founding in 2009, with 11,000 of those machines sold in the last nine months.  Stratasys CEO David Reis spoke about the merger: “MakerBot has impressive products, and we believe that the company’s strategy of making 3D printing accessible and affordable will continue to drive adoption.”

Photo Courtesy of Makezine

Quote Courtesy of CNN Money

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