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Stratasys and Strakka Team Up

Euronews was on hand at the recent 3D Print Show in London in September. 

Among the exhibitions was Strakka’s.  Strakka Racing is a British motor-racing industry leader.  In partnership with 3D printing industry titan Stratasys, they have developed a prototype-racing car. 

The Strakka Dome S103 was created using 5% 3D printed components.  These included the brake ducts, air intake, dive planes, and dash panel.  Until now, these sorts of components were only used in models. 

Dan Walmsley, an engineer at Strakka Racing, explains: “It’s not uncommon to use 3D printing for rapid prototyping, which helps a very short development cycle, but what we’ve moved into now is actual production parts on a race car, which is quite a new direction for us to go.  We found that the material properties have recently moved forward to a point where they’re stiff enough and strong enough and light enough to function as a fully finished production component on a race car.”   

Photo Courtesy of Strakka Racing

Quotes Courtesy of Euronews

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