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Structo Launches DentaForm 3D Printer

3Ders reports on the launch of a brand-new marvel of bioengineering.  Structo, based in Singapore, “has launched what it is hailing as the ‘world’s fastest dental mold 3D printer.’”  They call it the DentaForm 3D printer.  It was unveiled at the Association of Orthodontists Singapore (AOSC) 2017 Show at Marina Bay Sands.

Structo entered the dental 3D printing market almost exactly a year ago, with the launches of their “first two products, the OrthoForm and the high-speed OmniForm 3D printers.  Structo’s 3D printing products, which are based on the company’s proprietary Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology, are specifically designed and built for applications within the dental industry, such as making molds in a quick and efficient manner.”

Structo’s brand-new DentaForm 3D Printer is ideal for specific dental applications such as “printing accurate, highly precise models for fitting crowns and bridges in the field of restorative dentistry.  [This] new 3D printer boasts a build platform for 200 x 150 mm and a printing accuracy of 50 micrometers along the x/y axes.”

As Structo’s Co-Founder, Huub van Esbroeck, explains: “we are revolutionizing digital dentistry by breaking through the speed limits of 3D printers today.  The Structo DentaForm [3D Printer] will open up a whole new range of dental applications that can now work with our lightning-fast Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology.”

Dhruv Sahgal, Structo’s Head of Business Development and Sales, elaborates: “customers who have experienced the speed of MSLA through the OrthoForm have been asking for a higher resolution solution for the printing of precision models.  Today we are excited and proud to bring that solution to market with the DentaForm [3D Printer.]”

Video, Image, and Quotes Courtesy of Structo and 3Ders

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