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Tech Education: Certifications in 3D Printing

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports on a brand new tech education program, developed by the Fab Lab Hub, which is based at Santa Fe Community College.  Sarah Bosivert, who owns “two of more than 1,600 Fab Labs operating around the world, which all stem from the Center for Bits & Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” saw a need for a quicker and easier pathway than a two or four year degree program to “get a person into a high-tech job.”

Bosivert and her team have therefore created a four-to-six week program which helps people earn certifications in a single skill in advanced manufacturing – such as 3D printing.  “The idea is to teach tech workers specific proficiencies, the kind often sought out by firms looking to hire.”

“Obtaining a digital badge is the foundation for this workforce training, and fab labs, or fabrication laboratories, provide hands-on learning experiences with tools seeming as if they are from science fiction.”

As Los Alamos Feynman Center for Innovation Research and Development Scientist Ross Muenchausen explains of Fab Lab Hub’s project: “what I got excited about is the badges (certificates) are giving employees more choice about how they are going to develop their career on the job. It allows them to prioritize their choices. It makes for more efficient forming of teams. You can hand select teams to partition skills you need for a project.”

“The hub, in part, is a classroom for the community college’s continuing education courses in 3D printing. It also serves as a 3D manufacturing business for real-world customers, such as Vista Therapeutics at the Santa Fe Business Incubator.”

Bosivert concludes: “Employers will take as many people as I can turn out.  I see badges as expanding the reach of community colleges. It’s for people who need ‘reskilling’ or people who haven’t thought of college. Badges are a great pathway to becoming engineers and scientists.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of the Santa Fe New Mexican

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