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The Apple Watch: An Opportunity for 3D Printing

Over at, there is a discussion concerning the arrival of the new Apple Watch.  “With the watch, comes all sorts of customization options, including most importantly, the watch band.”

The watch band will differentiate your watch from everyone else’s.  This is where the wonders of 3D printing can step in.  It “will allow for the total customization of individualized watch bands.”

This individualization will undoubtedly include the plethora of different 3D printing materials available.  For example, NinjaFlex and FilaFlex offer flexible filaments while ColorFabb makes bronzeFil and woodFil filaments.  MakerBot is in on the action as well, with their “Glow-in-the-Dark PLA Filament.”  All of these materials could potentially be used to make one’s Apple Watch as unique as one could desire.

Shapeways has already put their foot into the arena, providing developers and designers with opportunities to start developing 3D printing solutions for the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.  Michael Christensen, one designer, “has already created a 3D model for the 38mm version of the Apple Watch.  The files can be downloaded and designers can begin creating 3D printable designs using these GrabCad models.”

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