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The New Face of 3D Printing

Consultant head and neck surgeon Adrian Sugar is leading the team at Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales.  As reported by the Express, the patient’s “head was crushed in a motorbike crash.”  The surgeons “will use [3D printing and CAD software] to create a template of the victim’s face and titanium implants to restore his appearance.”  Half of the patient’s face was severely damaged, while the other side was unaffected.  “[Surgeon] Sugar has used a CT scan of this side of the face as a template to create implants in titanium using 3D printing.  The operation will involve breaking and cutting several facial bones once again, but the 3D printing process will also produce guide devices allowing the surgeons to reposition bones with pinpoint accuracy.”  Surgeon Sugar added that the team “has a good chance of correcting 70 to 80 percent of the deformity.”  In the future, the surgeons hope to “use similar techniques to reconstruct a face following surgery for cancer or congenital facial deformities.” 

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of the Express      

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