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think3D to Open 3D Printing and Design Facility in India

3DPrint has caught wind of an opportunity coming think3D’s way.  think3D, which is based in India, is that country’s largest desktop 3D printing platform.  think3D is a “subsidiary of Singapore-based think3D Labs Pte Ltd.”

Now, the Provincial Government of Andhra Pradesh, which is the eighth largest state in India, has tendered think3D to create a new 3D printing facility.  “The medical device market in India is worth $5.5 billion, and huge growth is expected in the next several years.  However, nearly 75% of the market is made up of imported medical devices, which means a monetary and employment loss for the country.”

This is the main reason why the government of Andhra Pradesh has tasked think3D with the creation of the $6 million facility.  This “facility will be part of a new medical devices park, the Andhra Pradesh Medical Tech Zone (AMTZ), which is an SPV formed…to reduce the country’s dependence on imported medical devices and promote this type of manufacturing within India.  The medical device manufacturing zone is roughly 270 acres.”  This AMTZ is part “of the central government’s Make In India Initiative, which was launched two years ago as a means of transforming the country into a global manufacturing and design hub.”

As part of its agreement with AMTZ, think3D will set up and manage “a 20,000 square-foot rapid prototyping facility, an expert 3D design facility, and a reverse engineering facility; the rapid prototyping facility will house various high-quality metal 3D printers for any SLS, SLA, and bioprinting needs.  AMTZ will purchase the 3D printers, and lease both the facility and the machinery to think3D, which will manage the whole operation at its own expense while offering 3D printing customers at the park a subsidized pay-per-use rate; a market rate will be available for any entities outside of the park.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint

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