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UberBlox: A New Way to Test and Build 3D Printers

Gizmag had the scoop earlier this year when they discussed UberBlox.  UberBlox is a “metal construction set and prototyping system with a single-connector locking mechanism and a variety of control boxes for accommodating whatever computer connection or automation needs a project might have.”

UberBlox Systems founder Alex Pirseyedi explained that Uberblox was created for people who needed serious custom-built prototyping: “It is difficult to make automated machines without years of developing skills and know-how.  You need to know about technical design principles, not to mention the skills required to fabricate and assemble parts accurately to make such complicated machines work.”

This is why Pirseyedi developed the UberBlox system.  He saw a “need for a solid, easy-to-use modular system that enables makers to build and test their robots, 3D printers, smart systems, and other computer-programmed automated machines.” 

While other traditional plastic building block sets such as Lego “are great for quickly and easily making something, they can’t handle the kind of rigidity and accuracy these automated machines require.”  Pirseyedi explains that UberBlox “bridges the gap by combining the lower barrier of entry of something like Lego with the higher technical needs of a typical maker.”

The UberBlox team is very interested in their system’s potential applications when it comes to 3D printing.  “Much of the marketing material revealed so far showed how the kit could become a functioning 3D printer.”

Of course, if you want to just outright buy a preassembled 3D printer such as 3D Systems’ Cube or a MakerBot Replicator, then UberBlox is not for you.  But if you like to tinker and if your heart leans towards the open source, then perhaps you should consider it.  Uberblox is “targeted at people who have a desire to make their own [3D printers] so that they can learn engineering and technical skills as well as be able to tweak their system however they like.”

“It isn’t clear yet exactly what parts will be included in UberBlox kits, but they will include both basic blocks and reconfigurable parts, such as motors, moving components, electronics, and ‘Brain-Box’ controllers for do-it-yourself boards, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.”

An UberBlox Kickstarter campaign will launch early this year.    

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Gizmag

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