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UK Government Invests in Aerospace Research reported that Nick Clegg, the UK’s Deputy PM has “unveiled a government plan to invest £154 million ($263 million) into several aerospace research projects…Under the plan £49 million ($83 million) [of that grand total] will be used for a GKN Aerospace-led project which will research methods of 3D printing lightweight, metallic, and structural parts for aircraft.”

As Mr. Clegg explained, “The UK’s aerospace industry is going from strength to strength and helping our economic recovery.  We are the number one aerospace industry in Europe and second only to the United States globally.  I want to ensure the UK remains at the cutting edge of aerospace innovation, which is why I am pleased to announce that we are investing £154 million ($263 million) for research to explore new technologies like the 3D printing of plane parts and creating lighter, greener aircraft.” also points out that the US, the leaders in the aerospace industry globally, is heavily invested in researching and developing additive manufacturing technology.  This may have helped “convince the (UK) government that this was the right way to divide the funding.”

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