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UNIZ Launches Five More 3D Printing Products

Digital Journal has caught wind of an incoming announcement to be made at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas at the beginning of January.  UNIZ, who are makers of the “World’s Fastest Desktop 3D Printer” are to announce five more 3D Printing products.

“UNIZ took the 3D printing world by storm in 2016 when they debuted the SLASH – A game-changing, high performance, affordable, LCD-SLA 3D Printer at CES. It was a highlight of the show, a revolutionary desktop printer that outperformed competitors in speed and detail, delivering professional level quality at a price that put the power of 3D printing into the hands of consumers.”

“SLASH [apparently] became the fastest desktop 3D printer ever made, capable of reaching printing speeds of 1000 cc/hr while maintaining incredible detail, with resolutions on the Y and X axis as fine as 2560 x 1600, 339 ppi and 75 μm utilizing ultra-fast LCD Stereolithography (SLA light-curing) technology. When it was released to the public via Kickstarter, [UNIZ] achieved more than 10 times their funding goal and raised over $500,000 dollars in a month.”

Now, however, UNIZ will be launching three new desktop 3D printers along with two new industrial 3D printers.  These printers are the SLASH+, SLASH OL, SLASH PRO, zSLTV15, and zSLTV23.

As one could guess, the SLASH+ is an upgrade to the original SLASH 3D printer.  The SLASH OL, or SLASH Online 3D printer “is a perfect solution for consumers in the sub $1000 FDM market, who are not satisfied with the FDM’s poor printing quality, slow speed, and low reliability.”  As for the SLASH PRO, this printer is aimed at “professionals who needed the extended build envelope in a desktop setup.”  The SLTV15 and 23 are UNIZ’s new industrial 3D printers.

This brand new “suite of UNIZ 3D printer solutions sets new benchmarks for speed, quality, and price for consumers and professionals alike.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Digital Journal and UNIZ

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