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Unyq Launches Commercial 3D Printed ‘Total Leg Solution’

TCT Magazine reports on the launch of a commercial 3D printed prosthetic leg socket by Unyq, a San Francisco-based developer of customized medical wears.  This 3D printed prosthetic leg socket is available for order now.

Unyq, which is supported by the XponentialWorks network, consists of 40 employees spread “across four locations in North America and Europe, and has implemented its own in-house fleet of 3D printing system to develop customized wearables.”

This new 3D printed prosthetic leg socket is the first in the company’s Prosthetic Wear line.  For now, “Unyq’s portfolio is made up of prosthetic covers, to protect and enhance durability of the prosthetic, and spine wears for back support.”

As with many other 3D printed objects, “the prosthetic socket will be customized to the individual ordering the component.”  It will also “do away with much of the metal found in traditional prostheses,” which will make it lightweight.

“Attaching the protheses to the residual limb, the socket should enhance customer satisfaction, and with embedded sensors track the individual’s cardio activity, number of steps walked, calories burnt, and so on. With scan data stored, clinicians will be able to replicate the socket at the press of a button, reducing the number of visits required. The socket has also been ISO 10328 tested, a process, which examines the structural strength of lower limb prosthetics.”

As Unyq’s Co-Founder and VP of Prosthetics concludes: “we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Unyq Socket.  This is another step forward in being able to provide amputees with a total leg solution. A solution where it’s practically one component, rather than a ‘mish mash’ of different elements bolted together. We are working hard to further develop our Prosthetics Wear line, as well as the other exciting medical wearables in our pipeline, to continue to support our end users.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine

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