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UPM Launches Formi 3D

Lesprom reports on a recent announcement made by UPM.  UPM has “launched UPM Formi 3D, a new biocomposite material” used for the purposes of 3D printing.  This material was announced last month as part of the NORDIC 3D Expo at the Dipoli Conference Center in Espoo, Finland.

“The new material brings together advanced cellulose fibre and biopolymer technologies. With a matte finish and a surface that feels natural to the touch, filaments for 3D printing can now be produced in light colors as well as dark. UPM Formi 3D has been engineered to flow smoothly through small nozzles, which enables fine details.”  The UPM Formi 3D also cools rapidly and causes low shrinkage, which “ensures improved dimensional stability and makes [UPM Formi 3D] the ideal material for large scale printing.”

During this biocomposite material’s self-supporting molten stage, makers will be able to create round and other complex shapes, without the need for separate support materials.  When 3D printing with wood, the benefits of using biocomposite materials include “fine sanding, reduced paint absorption, and easy to glue materials using PVAC.”

UPM Formi 3D is produced and sold in a granule form and is aimed for producers of filaments for 3D printing.  Typically, makers will be able to use this brand-new material for “prototypes, design, education, and concept modules,” mostly in architectural capacities.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Lesprom

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