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US Government Funds 3D Printing Manufacturing Suite


According to, this project is “led by the University of Texas – El Paso’s W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation.” 

The research group has been able to develop “an automated assembly line that can manufacture multi-material UAVs without external assistance.”  In their proposal to America Makes, UTEP researchers wrote: “our proposing team can see a day where a push-button design flow will lead to a rapid, reliable, and affordable fully 3D printed spacecraft or UAV.” 

The team predicts that “the micro-fabricator will eventually have the ability to print multiple material models using a series of 3D printing systems housed within a single, self-contained unit.”  This all-in-one machine will also include “a milling station, robotics capable of implanting electronics, and other systems capable of wiring the entire design together.”

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