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VEEM Teams Up with Aurora Labs

3D Printing Industry reports on a brand new partnership between VEEM and Aurora Labs.  VEEM is an Australian manufacturer of high technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems, while Aurora Labs is a metal 3D printer manufacturer.  The companies “have signed a five-year agreement to explore the uses of Aurora Labs’ 3D printing and large format technology.”

“This collaboration will potentially deliver cost and efficiency savings for the manufacture of VEEM’s specialist technology, which includes its propellers, fin systems, and gyrostabilizers – a marine device used reducing the rolling of boats and ships in waves.”

VEEM’s Managing Director Mark Miocevich explains: “There is huge potential in the use of 3D printing technology to manufacture a range of complex components used in VEEM products, medium and large format 3D printing, especially using metal alloys, [which are] notoriously challenging.”

This partnership will be helped by Aurora Labs’ S-Titanium Pro 3D printer, which uses LFP, DMLS, DMLM, and DED additive manufacturing processes.  As for VEEM’s technology, the Gyrostabilizer “has been used by Europe’s second largest shipbuilder, Damen, to conduct sea trials. Furthermore, the Gyrostabilizer was selected by Friere Shipyard, based in Spain, as the roll stabilization system for a 42 meter fishery patrol vessel for the Government of Kuwait.”

The agreement between VEEM and Aurora Labs will involve four distinct stages.  “In the first stage, VEEM will review and analyze Aurora Products and its potential capabilities. Secondly, Aurora will assist VEEM in the assessment of the potential value of utilizing Aurora’s technology and products in VEEM’s operations.  In the third stage, both companies will identify and evaluate the potential opportunities for government R&D funding towards projects related to its venture program. The fourth and final stage will include VEEM making an equity investment in Aurora Labs.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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