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Victrex Invests in Bond

3D Print reports on a new partnership announced between dynamic industrial companies Victrex and Bond.  The companies “aim to improve the supply chain of materials for customers seeking parts 3D printed with PAEK.”

PAEK “is a family of high performance polymers, which often have very high continuous service temperatures, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength.  These polymers, such as PEEK and PEKK, are used in aircraft and other high performance applications.”

Victrex, which is headquartered in the UK, “will make a multi-million Euro investment into Netherlands-based Bond High Performance 3D Technology.  The current focus is for the Bond team to continue production in high-grade thermoplastics via their customized 3D printers and software.”

As Victrix CEO Jakob Sigurdsson explains: “our investment in Bond´s 3D technology is a logical way to accelerate 3D printed PAEK/PEEK parts to market.  We need to ensure all the key elements, including material, process, and hardware are aligned to fulfill our goal of enabling our customers to manufacture 3D printed PAEK components for critical high-performance applications. We’re now at a stage where the technology is sufficiently developed to embark on exciting development programs.”

“In using Bond technology with PEEK materials, these two progressive partners expect to produce a wide range of functional parts, which are as mechanically strong as those created through more conventional manufacturing methods. They also foresee making such leaps as one of the critical elements in ‘maturing the use’ of thermoplastics in 3D printing and additive manufacturing.”  Other applications could occur in the aerospace, energy, automotive, and of course manufacturing & engineering sectors.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Print

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