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Volkswagen Establishes Californian Innovation and Engineering Center

3D Printing Industry reports on Volkswagen Group of America, which has just recently announced “the expansion and rebranding of its California-based Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) with a unique concept vehicle integrating additive manufacturing.”

The concept car, which is a Type 20, has been “built from a 1962 Type 2 11-window Microbus and showcases a variety of experimental 3D printed parts, both in its interior and exterior.  In tandem with its debut, the ERL has been introduced as the Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC) and is expected to be the largest Volkswagen vehicle research facility outside Germany.”

As Volkswagen Group of America’s President and CEO Scott Keogh explains: “the future of the Volkswagen Group will be defined by our success in developing new technology that is designed to meet our customers’ needs.  As we roll out the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles, innovation will increasingly define who we are.”

The Type 20 concept vehicle features biometric identification and a holographic dashboard display.  Additionally, “the Type 20 has used generative design in collaboration with Autodesk, to develop 3D printed rims, wing mirrors, seating fixtures, and steering wheel – for a more lightweight and streamlined vehicle.”

IECC Senior Vice President Nikolai Reimer adds: “the Type 20 is a fantastic example of how we celebrate our heritage while striving to advance our technology.  We are excited to move into or next chapter as the IECC, to continue designing innovations, which will bring the Volkswagen Group’s vehicles into the future with cutting-edge technology.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry and Volkswagen Group of America

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