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Voodoo Manufacturing Launches Print API and Partner Program

TCT Magazine reports on the launch of two brand new initiatives created by Voodoo Manufacturing.  (Voodoo Manufacturing is a “leading software-optimized 3D printing factory.”)  “Print API offers a 3D printing service to clients, while the Partner Program encourages 3D technology companies to come together and collaborate.”  Both these initiatives “seek to centralize typically ad-hoc approaches to manufacturing and make 3D printing more accessible for clients.”

Specifically, Print API offers “on-demand 3D printing services [which] allow businesses to build never-before-possible experiences and campaigns.  Orders placed through the API will be routed directly to Voodoo, where they will be 3D printed, packaged, and then shipped back to the client or end customer.”

For example, “Dixie Products, a US supplier of practical goods, recently utilized Voodoo’s Print API during the launch of a campaign in which 10,000 custom coffee cup stoppers were ordered online, produced by Voodoo, and then shipped to individuals across the [nation.]”  In fact, in January, Voodoo Manufacturing “expanded its facility to 2,000 square feet” in order to “advance its 3D technology offerings.”

Jonathan Schwartz, Voodoo Manufacturing’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, adds: “this is a natural extension of what we already do, and pushes us closer to achieving our goal of making manufacturing more like software.  Through the Print API, we’re turning a process that’s typically regarded as manual and analog, and making it more scalable and accessible by turning it into an end-to-end digital pipeline.”

As for Voodoo’s Partner Program, this “will allow service providers like fabrication bureaus, design studios, or manufacturing consultancies to refer to, and receive referrals from, Voodoo Manufacturing.”

Another Voodoo Manufacturing Co-Founder, and Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Deem, explains: “the Voodoo Partner Program brings together key players in today’s 3D printing ecosystem.  We believe that a number of projects go uncompleted because they’re outside [the] scope of the provider.  The Voodoo Partner Program changes that and now projects can be passed off to a partner to complete quickly and in a cost-effective manner, increasing customer satisfaction and spreading adoption of additive manufacturing globally.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine and Voodoo Manufacturing

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