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voxeljet Announces High Speed Sintering 3D Printing System

Ten Links reports on an exciting announcement from voxeljet.  voxeljet is a “leading provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services to industrial and commercial customers.”

In September, voxeljet announced “the release of its first 3D printing system based on its new High-Speed Sintering (HSS) Process.”  This system will be released at the formnext trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany in November of 2017.  With the release of this system, the company “will be entering the thermoplastics market with the ability to directly manufacture end-use products.”

“The basis for HSS is the same as voxeljet’s core technology, binder jetting.  HSS works by selectively jetting an infrared absorbing ink onto layers of plastic powder.  Each layer is exposed to infrared light, which melts the powder to form functional plastic parts directly out of the machine.”

voxeljet’s new HSS process also “enables printing of parts with properties and qualities similar to Selective Laser Sintering, Multi Jet Fusion, or injection molding.”  It will also enable voxeljet to 3D print “versatile and fully functional prototypes such as brackets, housings, and other functional parts for end use.”

voxeljet’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Christian Traeger adds that “voxeljet’s industrial printers enable high-quality print resolutions with layer times that are consistent no matter what is being printed.  Due to large printing widths of our print heads, we see a high potential for increased printing rates on larger platforms in the future, making this process even more productive compared to other additive manufacturing processes.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Ten Links

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