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XJet Opens World’s Largest Metals and Ceramics Additive Manufacturing Center

Recently, XJet has opened the world’s largest metals and ceramics additive manufacturing center in Rehovot, Israel.  The facility cost $10 million and stands at 8,000 square feet.

The facility is located in Rehovot Science Park, and “is home to the largest collection of metal and ceramic 3D printers worldwide, comprised entirely of XJet Carmel AM systems.”  As XJet CEO Hanan Gothait explains, this new “AM Center will support XJet in developing new 3D printing materials and applications…[it] is a crucial part of our pursuit for wide-ranging multi-material printing. XJet Carmel AM systems are currently available with one of two printing materials, stainless steel or zirconia. Our vision is a platform that prints with a multitude of metals and ceramics on the same part. We will use the AM Center to develop and demonstrate specialized applications, print test parts for our global customer base, and trial new metal and ceramic materials.”

The XJet Carmel AM series, which uses a patented NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology, “allows manufacturers to produce ceramic or metal parts with the ease and versatility of inkjet printing. Due to its unique approach, the NPJ technology produces highly complex parts with superfine details, smooth surfaces and pinpoint accuracy. Remarkably thin layers of just a few microns can be achieved, compared to dozens of microns in powder-based ceramic and metal AM technologies. Cavities and fine details can be created with no concern that they will be harmed in the support-removal process, as a separate material is used for support structures, a material that easily disintegrates post printing.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of XJet

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