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XYZprinting Announces da Vinci Color Mini

3D Printing Industry caught wind of a new announcement made by XYZprinting, the Tawainese manufacturers of the da Vinci line of desktop 3D printers.  Apparently, the company has just announced the release of a new full-color 3D printer: the da Vinci Color mini.

Designed with “STEM students, film model makers, and toymakers” in mind, the da Vinci Color mini is capable of producing “realistic prototypes [using its] Color Jet Printing (CJP) technology, which combines inkjet printing with fused filament fabrication (FFF) to create a range of colorful prints allowing designers to vividly envision their final product without having to paint it.”

As CEO of XYZprinting Simon Shen expounds: “desktop full-color 3D printing is here.  Now, consumers can purchase an easy-to-operate, affordable, compact full-color 3D printer for $30,000 less than market rate.  This is revolutionary because we are giving the public access to technology once available only to industry professionals.”

The da Vinci Color mini comes chock-full of features.  Indeed, the 3D printer “includes a hands-free auto calibration, an EZ removable print bed, WiFi connectivity, and a 5-inch color LCD screen.  Its ‘full-color’ 3D printing abilities reportedly provide over 15 million color combinations from new 3-in-1 CMY ink cartridges.  Using its 3DColorJet technology, the da Vinci Color mini mixes and spreads droplets of colored ink from printer ink cartridges between designated layers of PLA, creating a multi-colored 3D printed model.”

The da Vinci Color mini, which ships to backers in October (of 2018), will retail for a price of $1599.95, but pre-orderers will get a discount for $999.95.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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