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XYZprinting Triples Down on Consumer 3D Printing Market

A few years ago, the Desktop (or, as some have called it, “Consumer”) 3D printing market was all the rage in the media.  What if everyone had a 3D printer in their own home?  So far, this dream has yet to materialize.

However, the 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has announced the launch of three new 3D printing products aimed at the Consumer 3D Printing Market.  Perhaps these products aren’t the Desktop 3D printers we’ve all been dreaming about, but are intended for other contexts and other applications.

As Forbes Magazine explains, XYZprinting’s new products are “aimed at schools, consumers, and small businesses.”  The first of these products is the da Vinci Color AiO, “a full color desktop 3D printer incorporating 3D scanning within the machine.”  As XYZprinting elaborates: “this machine combines inject and 3D printing together to allow for creating ‘true depth of color’ and industrial-grade performance.”  “This product is aimed at small businesses and schools – prototyping for the former, and education for the latter.”  The da Vinci Color AiO is priced at $3800.

Additionally, according to Tech Crunch, the da Vinci Color AiO features voice control.  “The service is limited at launch but eventually it will allow users to prep their print job, pause, calibrate, receive status updates, and conduct printer maintenance.”

As XYZprinting’s Associate Manager-U.S. Frank Peng explains: “the 3D printing industry is working together to utilize additive manufacturing’s advantages to better our lives and benefit the consumer’s product usage cycle.  So, ideally, what this means for voice recognition is a car company, such as Ford, would have the ability to keep a digital inventory of their parts and users would give a command of ‘search a 1999 Ford radio tuner for my car,’ and the part would be easily located and printed.”

XYZprinting is also launching the da Vinci Nano, “a compact 3D printer aimed at the home and school market.  With that in mind, the printer has a number of safety features as well as a plant-based filament, which doesn’t pose a safety risk.”  XYZprinting has also developed a K-12 curriculum for the printer, which it is offering to schools.

XYZprinting has also announced the da Vinci 3D Pen Cool, “a standalone 3D printing pen, which can be used to introduce the concept of 3D printing to kids and interested hobbyists for less than $50.”

Peng explains the company’s goals: “we do think the consumer market will take time to develop.  To help with that we also target the education market and work with schools to develop the next generation’s interest in 3D printing…We see a lot of potential in the consumer market.”

XYZprinting’s CEO Simon Shen concludes: “[our goal is to] provide casual users and small business owners the tools and confidence to try their hand at this technology and incorporate it into their everyday lives.”

Image Courtesy of Tech Crunch and XYZprinting

Quotes Courtesy of Forbes Magazine, Tech Crunch, and XYZprinting

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