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YouTuber Awarded Guinness World Record

As 3Ders explains, James Bruton is a successful YouTuber and 3D printing maker, based in the United Kingdom.  Recently, Bruton was awarded a Guinness World Record.

This Guinness World Record is in recognition of Bruton successfully creating the world’s tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human.  This 3.62m (11.8 ft) statue dwarfs the previous record holder “built by FabLab Kielce in Poland in 2016, [which stood] at a mere 3.06m (10 ft).”  Bruton’s sculpture “was installed at the Winchester Discovery Centre in Hampshire, England, as part of the Creative Genius Exhibition.”

Bruton wished to avoid any copyright issues, so he decided to print this magnificent statue of himself.  He began the process by using an iPad at Portsmouth University’s CCI facility to capture a detailed body scan of himself.  Following the scan, “he had the help of Portsmouth designers and engineers in making a 3D digital mesh with correct proportions, which could be used to start printing the sculpture.”  Total printing time took 500 hours over the course of two months, using two separate 3D printers, which printed parts simultaneously.  “In the end, around 50 kg of filament was used.”

“Bruton printed the sculpture in separate parts so that it could be stored in his home. He had the help of materials provider 3DFilaPrint, which supplied the necessary filament required for this mammoth undertaking. He also made use of Lulzbot FDM 3D printers, which are some of the most popular machines used in the hobbyist community for projects such as this.”

Image Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Quotes Courtesy of 3Ders

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