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YouTuber Jazza Tries 3D Printing For The First Time

For the last few Replicator World issues, we have been forced to tackle and wrestle with such complicated and nuanced discussions revolving around digital designs for 3D printed firearms – and what this means for the future of 3D printing, policy, and open source culture.  We’ve seen arguments from both sides rear their heads in the wake of the U.S. State Department’s decision to reach an agreement with Defense Distributed.

These arguments and discussions are important to have – and this is why we have chosen to focus on them during these past few issues.  However, every once in a while, (or, more often, as the case usually is) – it is vital to also focus on the fun aspects of 3D printing.  The potential for 3D printing in other arenas: such as art and sculpture.

This is where Australian YouTuber Jazza (Josiah Brooks) comes in.  Jazza is an artist and YouTuber who makes content online focused around making art in a creative, entertaining, and informative way.  Jazza focuses on the ways technology (VR, 3D printing, etc…) can bring this all to pass.  As of this article, his ‘Draw with Jazza’ YouTube channel has 3 million subscribers and he has become one of the leaders of the art community there.

Over the last few months, Jazza has taken a deep (and often amusing) dive into 3D printing – where he learned about the medium (primarily from his local Australian 3D Printer Superstore), bought supplies (such as filament) and began making experiments with this technology.  In his two videos (so far) on the subject (which you can find just below) – he has 3D printed two hulk models – one bite size – and one a little bigger.  In Jazza’s first 3D printing video, he actually completes the 3D prints (after much trial and error), while in the second video he paints his 3D printed figurines.

We here at Replicator World are very excited to see what Jazza does with this boundless artistic medium (for that is just one aspect of 3D printing) next!

Image and Videos Courtesy of Draw with Jazza

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